I’m glad the President has ended Common Core where Washington Politicians told Eastern Pennsylvania schools what we had to teach our kids.  

I’m here today because I was blessed with a great education. And I want every child to have the opportunities I did to achieve the American dream. 

There are three things I’m focused on for improving schools in the Lehigh Valley:

First, taking away power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to local schools and parents. We know what’s best for our students, not some bureaucrats in D.C. Common core was a disaster, and the federal government spends billions that should be going to teachers and schools in Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Second, we need to provide vocational training for students. A four-year college isn’t for everyone, and we need to make sure we’re helping students find jobs as welders, mechanics, and hygienists. These are good paying jobs that Pennsylvania needs. 

My manufacturing company hires workers without college degrees and these are good jobs that pay well. 

And finally, student loan debt and the cost of college is out of control. The Federal government caused this problem by taking over the student loan industry and by driving up the costs of tuition. We need to reduce the cost of education so more of our students can graduate without crippling student debt. We should make schools accountable so if their students are unable to pay back the loans, the school has some skin in the game. 

What I don’t support is the socialists’ plans to forgive all student loan debt. That means taking trillions of dollars from Eastern Pennsylvanians who paid off their student loans or maybe didn’t go to college and giving it to someone else. That’s not fair.