Our budget is a mess. Washington politicians like Susan Wild are wasting your money and we now have more than $23 trillion in debt. 

Unlike career politicians who have done nothing but spend your money, I’ve got the credibility to fight this debt because I’m a business leader who has balanced budgets. I worked to balance the budget on the Lehigh county commission. That’s how I make payroll and pay the hundreds of employees who work for me. Pennsylvanians are tired of Washington D.C. wasting their money. Our debt is out of control.

I’ve got three priorities in cutting spending. 

First, we shouldn’t be sending a penny of your taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood to pay for abortions. We also need to cut out the waste and fraud and programs that don’t work. At my business, if something doesn’t work, we find out and fix it.   

Second, we need to stop illegal immigration and secure the border. Illegal immigration is costing our government billions of dollars per year, and that’s why I support President Trump’s agenda to secure our border and reduce illegal immigration. 

Third, I support reforming our disability system. Right now, we have too many people on disability who could return to work with the right tools. Our priority should be getting people a paycheck, not keeping them on disability.

Our budget is a mess. And Susan Wild promised to fix it. She hasn’t even introduced a budget, and she hasn’t passed a single bill. 

Instead of working to get our spending under control, Susan Wild has signed on to Medicare for All, she called the Green New Deal wonderful, and she wants to spend $30 trillion more for socialized healthcare. 

That’s why I’m running – because we need someone to protect the American Dream and stop socialism.