Farmers in the Lehigh Valley have benefited from the last few years and I support President Trump’s work in reducing regulations that affect Pennsylvania farmers. I would have voted for the USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada) agreement which reduced agriculture tariffs and allows us to send more of our goods overseas. We have about 450 farms in the Lehigh Valley and even if you don’t work on a farm, we all depend on farmers because they keep our economy strong and put food on our table.

My main priorities when it comes to agriculture:

First, we need to open up new markets for American farmers. USMCA was a great start, but I want to make sure we can sell our products without tariffs to England, South Korea, and other countries. My business depends on exports around the world and I know that trade can be a big benefit to our farmers and means more jobs at home.

Second, we need to keep reducing regulations on farmers.  

The worst thing that could happen to farmers would be if liberals pass the Green New Deal that would cost every household in Eastern Pennsylvania $75,000 in its first year. And Susan Wild, despite pretending to be a moderate, called the Green New Deal “wonderful” and “exactly on point.” This would be the end for most Pennsylvania farmers. The Green New Deal would ban meat, stop air travel, double your taxes, and have the government take over everything.