Join a coalition today! Together we can help secure a brighter future for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District!

Outdoorsmen for Lisa Scheller unites woman and men across PA-07 who want to protect, defend, and support our 2nd Amendment rights. Join us today!

Are you a woman or man in blue who serves on our Lehigh Valley frontlines? Lisa Scheller stands with the men and women in blue. The movement to defund and dismantle the police will only bring the opposite of what the men and women in blue strive to do every day – keep our community safe. Join us today!

As a woman, Lisa understands the importance of equality of opportunity. Unlike career politicians, Lisa has spent most of her career running a business and she knows what it’s like to deal with an unfair workplace. And unlike Susan Wild, Lisa has hired women and promoted women. Join today.

One of Lisa’s top priorities is Veteran Affairs. She strongly stands with, and is eternally grateful for, the brave men and women who have and currently serve our great country. Our veterans put their lives on the line to serve us, and we need to give them the resources they need. Join today!

The Latino community is a core part of what makes the 7th congressional district great and their contributions are evident in every part of society. Our region’s ability to draw hard-working, aspirational people from every culture, from every nation is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. This desire for inclusion and diversity is what Lisa hopes to bring to Washington. Join Today.

We have over 450 farms in the Lehigh Valley, we all depend on farmers because they keep our economy strong and put food on our table. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Lisa understands the importance of the USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada) agreement which would reduce agriculture tariffs and allow us to send more of our goods overseas. Join us today!